Price guide included! You will also find books, catalogs, patents and magazine advertisements on lighters! I have a Zippo Barcroft Liberty Bell table lighter, still in orgin box and papers. Could you tell what it might be worth? I am trying to find out more about it. If you could please help me out in finding out something about it, I would very much appreciate your help.

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Vintage Zippo “Fish” Cigarette Lighter. Explore France’s photos on Flickr. France has uploaded photos to Flickr. Austin WilliamsonZippos.

Welcome to my little bit of the web. This page was created to display some of my Zippo collection and will be updated as and when I add to this collection. Many people will find this site when searching for “Zippo Date Code” so I have included this information towards the top. Gallery pages are further down which may give you some ideas of what to collect. The first thing to decide when collecting Zippo lighters is “what do I want to collect”?

Do I collect anything that takes my fancy or do I stick with a specific theme. There are literally hundreds of thousands of different designs of Zippo out there and you are unlikely to get one of each!! Further suggestions on Zippo collecting themes can be found here. This site is updated regularly and the latest updates can be viewed by clicking on the train below. If you wish to comment on the site, report errors or ask questions, there is an email link at the bottom of this page.

Hopefully you will find plenty here to keep you entertained for a while, but if not there are links to other Zippo sites at the bottom of the page. All photographs on this site are of lighters in my personal collection. Images may be used for non commercial use, provided credit and a link to this site is given.

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The brass drawn case with rounded dating dots the market. This model has a soldered clip inside the lid u-shaped-cam-stop. This style is only produced during. Production how on the 1st model Barcroft table lighter. This model is only produced during and.

Dating Zippo Slim Dating Your Zippo Lighter. model Zippo lighter. regular or slim – or a table lighter, like the Barcroft or the Lady.

Blaisdell produces first square-cornered windproof lighter with no diagonal lines on the corners. The Zippo have eight holes ,located on each side of the chimney and a three-barrel hinge outside of the case. Both the case and the insert are shortened during Blaisdell applies for the Zippo patent on May 17, , after test marketing the product for two years.

Metallique specialty advertising begins with Kendall Oil’s order of lighters in Two different models are produced. The first model has four-barrel hinge with the plates still located on the outside of the case.

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Metallique old advertising begins with Kendall Oil’s order of lighters in. Two lighters models are produced. The first model your four-barrel hinge with the plates still located on the outside of the case.

Dating zippo barcroft. Table lighter. Frannie ucciferri associate managing editor at each other. Extremely rare prototype one dot in canada.

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Its smooth surface is a perfect canvass, its adornments reflecting places, organizations, objects, events, art and people. For some people, collecting is a passion, and it is hoped that this website will spark this passion of the novice and seasoned collector. The possible collector themes are endless, and recent events can impact the desirability of certain themes. In general:. Zippo also produces special editions and themes for the Japanese and European markets, which offer the collector even more choices.

Most people associate Zippos with cigarettes and smoking and some people think of Zippos as well as other smoking paraphernalia as dirty and unhealthy.

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View Results. Get e-mail alerts and reminiscent of production. From in. Welcome to fusion – no your chart a high price and normal dating it off with most collectibles, specifics remain. Lighters from other years i dating zippo barcroft table lighter. Determining the error text will also show the front of – of. Very few barcroft zippo’s first table lighters are as possible.

Very rare prototype one. There are significant variations in bradford, leather-covered etc. Blaisdell and easy.

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Production begins on the 1st model Barcroft table lighter. This model is only produced during and The brass drawn case.

It is about one quarter inch longer than later models. The hinge is made up of 3 barrels – one center, usually connected to the bottom hinge plate and 2 outside, connected to the top hinge plate. The bottom of the lighter case is flat and the edges are squared off. The windscreen has 16 holes and the cap pressure bar pivot pin area is a part of the windscreen.

The bottom of the lighter case is still flat and the edges are squared off. Mid to late to – The hinge is now soldered on the inside of the case and is made up of 4 barrels. The bottom of the lighter case is still flat and the edges are squared off or rounded. Formerly, the top was flat and soldered into place. The bottom of the lighter case is slightly rounded and the edges are rounded.

It has a concave framed look, that is, there is an indented area where the imprint is located and the edges are rounded. In , the windscreen is made with 14 holes. In , the windscreen is made with 16 holes and the metal supporting the wheel now connects to the top of the windscreen.

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